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An all-round innovative Data Centre

We manage three Data Centers in Spain and Cloud nodes in the United States, England and Germany with the latest technological advances in physical and logical security, climate control and electricity supply, to ensure the maximum availability of your services and maximum energy efficiency.

Among these facilities, the company's first Data Centre, opened in 2009, deserves special attention. This Data Centre occupies a total area of 6,000 m2, distributed between server space (technical rooms), availability systems (power supply, environmental control, connectivity, logical security, monitoring...) and logistics (storage, sending and reception of goods…). Approximately 300 m2 is allocated to office space, so Arsys' technical team of over 50 people all have their own work space in these facilities.

The raised floor for our servers covers 1,000 m2, distributed between four independent technical rooms, 250 m2 each, with a maximum capacity of up to 15,000 servers.

This modular design allows for a progressive growth of the access floor for servers and availability systems, so the infrastructure can be adapted to our clients' needs. This modularity means servers can be installed with different security and availability settings, depending on the levels of service each client requires for their project.

From the Data Centre's High Availability Center (HAC), the Arsys team monitors the status of the servers, communication lines, services, etc. 24x7, as well as the activation of the necessary protocols in the event of any kind of incident: electrical, computing, excess traffic, perimeter security...

These facilities are innovative in their construction, since they are based on the "Invest As You Grow" model, which lets you adjust and adapt infrastructure to company growth. This ensures that economic investment is adapted to the demand for Internet services, to the economic situation and to the pace of development of the knowledge-based society.

This accrued time benefits both the upfront investment in technology infrastructure and the costs of maintaining the services (electrical consumption, air conditioning…).


R+D+i projects

With the aim of developing innovative and efficient tools that allow our clients to optimise their processes and improve their competitiveness, we have been carrying out different R&D&I projects over the last few years:

  • REED Project

    This project aims to develop innovative and efficient tools that allow our clients to optimise their processes and improve their competitiveness.

  • ZWANZIG Project

    Aims to launch new SaaS applications on shared hosting platforms and infrastructures and to continue to evolve Cloud technology with new functionalities and modes of operation.

  • ARKAI Project

    To improve internal processes in order to promote agility in the company in addition to developing new solutions in mail, SMS and SSL platforms as well as additional developments on Cloudbuilder Next.

  • NEXO Project

    The approach is to improve technology and infrastructure, launch new products to the market and innovate our Cloud platforms with new functionalities.

  • Development of an IoT Cloud platform with FIWARE technology

    We deployed an infrastructure based on FIWARE (European standard) on the Arsys Cloud to explore the possibilities of offering IoT services from our cloud panels to all clients, analysing use cases from different sectors, main features and technologies for their exploitation.

These projects have been co-financed with public aid for business R&D&I and national and European funds, through the La Rioja ERDF Operational Programme, whose priority is the promotion of business investment in R&D and support for companies for the development of R&D&I activities. The aid offered by ADER and ERDF through these innovation support programmes has an important incentive effect, insofar as it has a direct impact on the investment capacity dedicated to R&D&I tasks. In this way, Arsys can increase the number of resources for these R&D&I tasks and make it possible to identify future initiatives in this sense.

Tier III Certification

Our Logroño Data Centre has been awarded Tier III certification by the Uptime Institute. This guarantee ensures that our infrastructure is capable of delivering 99.982% availability. In other words, in the event of an incident, our installations would only be out of service for a maximum of 1.5 hours per year. To achieve these results, our entire infrastructure is redundant, there is a double power supply line for all equipment and annual preventive checks are carried out on the entire infrastructure, even when hot. In this way, the correct functioning of all the components of the installation and of the hosted services is guaranteed.

This also achieves another of the fundamental principles of our philosophy: maximum energy efficiency and minimisation of greenhouse gas emissions.

Tier III Certification