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Passionate about technology

We are a team of professionals who, above all, feel passionate about technology. Our goal is to develop the best ICT solutions and to offer the best possible service to our customers, from pre-sales advice to post-sales support.

We are a multicultural company, employing over 400 people from over a dozen different countries: United States, Spain, Germany, France, Portugal, Italy, Argentina... Our staff combines professionals with well-established careers, with young people with or without experience but with a lot of talent and potential.

The average age is 34 years old and we continue to grow personally and professionally through complete dedication to our clients. We have offices in Logroño, Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Bilbao and Valencia.

We have our own Contact Centre, multichannel and available 24x7, which allows us to work for and with our clients, resolving their issues and queries directly and without intermediaries. 36% of our staff is dedicated exclusively to this service. We resolve approximately 1,700 queries per day through our different contact channels (telephone, social networks, chat, Client Area), and more than 620,000 per year.

Growing together, personally and professionally, through complete dedication to our clients