Building the European cloud of the future.


The future of technology services

Arsys is one of the 19 direct participants that Europe has selected to make the IPCEI-CIS, which stands for Important Project of Common European Interest for Cloud Infrastructure Services, a reality. This R&D initiative is key to the digital transformation and competitiveness of all European Union member countries.

A strategic project for Europe

Strategic for the future of the European Union and with public funding of 1.2 billion euros, the IPCEI-CIS aims to develop a new generation of cloud and edge computing technology infrastructure solutions that will strengthen the competitiveness of European companies in the global market and foster the development of the Data Economy.

The seamless integration between cloud platforms and edge devices will be a giant step towards the development of many technological advances such as smart cities, autonomous vehicles and the digitisation of industrial processes, while maintaining Europe's core values, such as Data Governance, and establishing a strong public-private collaborative technology ecosystem.

Our vision

"We are proud to contribute our expertise as a cloud provider to this ambitious European project. We will develop the infrastructure and technology services of the future, which will enable European companies to accelerate the adoption of the most disruptive technologies. And all of this, without giving up the hallmarks that we share as Europeans: such as interoperability, data privacy and sustainability".

Sara Madariaga. Head of Arsys Lab.

The Arsys project

  • Three innovative solutions

    In the first phase, Arsys' contribution to the IPCEI-CIS includes the design, development and integration of three new solutions that will enable the implementation of the future European multicloud-edge infrastructure:

    1. An open source meta-orchestration platform that will enable interoperability and portability of services between European technology providers.
    2. A data analysis system for the different players in the technology market (integrators, developers, consultancy firms, etc.) to deploy the computing capacity of this platform in their AI applications and digital services.
    3. An advanced simulation and monitoring solution based on a digital twin of a data centre to optimise the management and operational efficiency of its computing resources.
  • More than 10 million euros

    This proposal is part of the IONOS Group's strategy to contribute to the digital sovereignty of the European Union and is aligned with the IONOS SE initiative for the IPCEI-CIS in Germany.

    It has its own total budget of more than 10 million euros in its first phase and a State aid of 8.4 million euros from the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, following the resolution of the call of the UNICO IPCEI-CIS programme of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of the Government of Spain, which finances the projects that make up the country's participation in this European project.

    The project developed by Arsys is part of the IPCEI-CIS, which will have a total public funding of 1,200 million euros from Spain, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands and Poland, the EU member countries directly involved in this European initiative.


  • 2023

    December 2023

    Arsys, direct Spanish participant in IPCEI-CIS.
  • 2024

    March 2024

    General Assembly and European kickoff of the project.
  • 2028


    The first phase of the Arsys project for the IPCEI-CIS is scheduled to run until mid-2026, although the company will continue to be involved in this project, which is scheduled to end in 2028.
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